Right Pattern Of Instagram Posts: Increase Your Traffic On Site

Instagram is perhaps the best and most popular social media channel in the fashion industry simply because it is particularly a photo-sharing app and fashion is all about enticing pictures of the products. In addition to that, the fact that there are more than 800 million active monthly Instagram users has made it a premium channel where more than 500 million business brands have created their account and reap the benefits that Instagram has on the store.

how to use instagram

Assuming that you too have created your account on Instagram and are contemplating to use it to drive your Instagram followers towards your fashion site, it is time to select awesome content to post in it.

Typically, Instagram allows you to post many different types of content including:

  • Photos
  • Videos and
  • Stories.

Certainly, it is not just showcasing your creative skill. It is more about creating an encouraging engagement with your users so that:

  • They click-through the link
  • Reach your website
  • Know about you and your product from your interesting and intuitive content and eventually
  • Make a buying decision.

Therefore, you will first need to determine the right type of content to post on your account. Ideally, it should be relevant to your particular product, align your brand and convey the message that you want to spread.

Images of the product

When you consider different types of Instagram post types the first thing that comes to your mind are the images. Ideally, images of the product are the most common post that you will find on Instagram. However, experts like Gramista say that when you select images for Instagram you must keep a few things on mind such as:

  • It is very important that you select a variety of photos to share as that will show your brand and fashion product is different from others and will drive more engagement in your followers in several different ways.
  • It is also very crucial to remember that all Instagram users are always looking for unique, genuine and high-quality posts from fashion brands and certainly not any blatant advertisements.
  • Make sure that you capture the culture of your company in the images with lifestyle shots and focus more on behind the scenes looks.

Lastly, you must also make sure that you do not post too many photos of your product at a time. However, get creative!

Some other posts to select

Most fashion brands select a variety of posts that are also as useful as the images of the product. Some of these posts are as follows:

  • Fashion brands often select behind the scenes posts. This is because these shots provide a glimpse into the people working and a part of your business that normally people cannot see. This creates a human connection with the users and the brand. However, when you select such images make sure that it does not look staged. Authenticity is the key here.
  • Sometimes you can select posts of employees to repost them on your Instagram account. This too will provide better engagement and drive more traffic to your site. These are all created content and therefore will save you a lot of time in the process. Just make sure that you acknowledge and tag the original poster and give credit for allowing you to curate such authentic content that will humanize your business. The audience will not only engage with your fashion brand but at the same time, they will also bond with your employees.
  • Educational posts are also a common choice among fashion brands to post on their Instagram accounts. These can also come as a short video clip along with an audio file which is even more effective. These posts offer tips and advice on the using of the product. In your case, a video of a model walking down the ramp can do real wonders.
  • You may also use influencer posts very much to your benefit. Often, fashion brands rely on the fame of celebrities and well-known public figure to promote their brand. All these posts usually include a visual of the influencer interacting and even using your product. The most significant benefit of using influencer posts is that you will gain the attention of another audience.
  • Sometimes, motivational posts can also result in an increase in web traffic. These motivational posts mix a simple visual with an uplifting text or a draped quote. These posts will not only encourage your audience to click through but will also amplify your brand value. However, you must make sure that you use these posts sparingly even though these are highly effective. This will not make your post look overly cheesy. You may add the text or quote to the photos using specific apps in just the right way to ensure that it is consistent with your brand aligns with the mission of the company.
  • Another useful and common type of post is the User Generated Content or UGC. These are very much similar to the employee reposts but the user-generated content is typically curated from your Instagram followers and fans. Ideally, a great source for UGC is your tagged posts with your brand hashtag. When you use the content of your fans and followers photos it will not only make the original creator feel good but it will also show that you really care about your users. Just make sure that you credit the original post in the caption or with a tag and screenshot and crop it or use a reposting app.
Instagram post for fashion

Lastly, how can you forget holiday posts? Since people wear all types of fashion clothes during holiday events such as National Ice Cream Day or National Sibling Day, posting such images will create a lot of buzz on social media. Select posts from local, national, or even world trend. These newsjacking posts are a great way to post content that narrates to some light-hearted events. If you experienced low traffic till now, maybe it was due to your limited post selection. Now you can surely better it with such knowledge.

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