IT jobs

Popular IT Jobs for Young Graduates

IT or Information Technology is a broad term. It encompasses the Internet, digitization, computer technology and a host of other technologies that together make this a gigantic industry.

When it comes to IT jobs, the industry offers a range of diverse career paths. An IT expert can be an expert in different IT-related fields as taken up or chosen. In India, IT jobs are very popular and why not, the country is known to be a hub for IT and ITES services globally. Especially, the metro cities Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon and Pune are known to be popular IT destinations. You’ll find that top IT companies are located in these cities. Not only that India has some of the best IT companies in the world. TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, HCL, and Capgemini are some of the top IT firms in India.

Popular IT Jobs for engineering graduates

Since IT is a diverse field, there are various IT jobs such as software developer jobs, Java jobs, and PHP Jobs among a host of others.

Here, we list some of the popular IT Jobs for fresh engineering graduates.

Web Developers

For any business to have a web presence is of prime importance today. It’s difficult to run a business without having a web page of an official website. This very fact points at the strong need for web developers today. Web development, web design and graphic design are some of the most common IT jobs in India. A web developer is responsible for coding and creating an innovative design and layout of a website related to the industry domain of the concerned organization. Right from developing to modifying websites, from creating the layout to functioning of the website, from making the website user friendly to making the designs as per clients’ requirements, web developers are responsible to create a website that is up and running.


The role of a programmer is to write software code and test it so that the coding helps in the functioning of computer applications and programs. Programmers are also responsible for translating the designs of software developers and engineers into codes that are workable. Reviewing, updating, expanding the existing codes or testing and resolving issues in the existing programs are also part of a programmer’s job role. With a Bachelor’s Degree and knowledge of the latest programming languages, computer programmers can apply for lucrative jobs in the IT industry.

Technical Support

For many, especially people not aware about information technology, IT jobs are invariably related to technical support. When we talk about the IT department in any organization, it is associate with the tech support team. For the smooth running of Network and system devices in any organization, a technical support team is an essential requirement. Technical support employees can have different designations such as operations analysts, help desk technicians, and systems administrators or system admin among others. Their main responsibility is to troubleshoot any technical fault in the systems or provide troubleshooting advices to customers/clients. Technical support IT jobs are related to both hardware and software issues and the person concerned should have proper knowledge related to solving of computer issues. People in tech support job are required to troubleshoot the issues raised by users either on phone/remote or in person.

Database Administrator

Computer engineering graduates can also apply for database administrator job vacancies in India. The job of a database administrator involves administration, installation, upgrading, monitoring, configuration, maintenance and security of databases. In other words, a database administrator is responsible for performing all activities for maintaining a successful database environment and keep the data secure. A Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or a related field is required to work as a database administrator.

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