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Top 10 Ways to Search for a Job in India

At a time when the job market is sluggish due to the impact of Coronavirus pandemic, it’s all the more important that your job search strategy is sharp and wide.

According to news reports, it may take some more time before the job market see the pre-COVID-19 level traction. So, how do you ensure that you make the most of the job opportunities that are coming your way? In fact, you should also be planning how do you get to know the limited number of jobs that are there in the market.

Someone once said, “Searching for a job is a job in itself.” Agree or not but it’s true.  For any serious job search, you need focus, discipline, commitment and yes, some luck.

So, here are 10 ways that you can use to search for a job in India.

Networking: Professional networking is a sure shot-way that you can make some headway into finding a job in these tough times. Connect with professionals you’ve known. Send a connection request to those you don’t know but you think they can help.

Talk to family & friends: In fact, networking should start with your family members and friends. Find out in your family or extended family, is there someone who is in the same field you aspire to. Let them know you are actively looking out for a job. Ask them for suggestions, weigh them and take action if required.

Job boards: Job portals like Monster India could be of help as latest jobs are being posted on these job boards. Register on these sites if not done already and subscribe for free job alerts. Those who are members of these job portals should keep their profiles updated and upload their latest resume. Since recruiters keep looking for candidates to hire for new job openings, it’s recommended to verify your contact details, so that recruiters can contact you.Job fairs: Due to the pandemic, virtual job fairs are the answer to on-ground job fairs of the past. Keep an eye for any such e-job fair and participate whenever you get an opportunity.

Company websites: Official company website is another great way of keeping a tab on the latest company jobs. Make a list of companies that you want to work with. Visit each company’s career page and look for any new job opportunity in your area of interest. Most companies offer the option of uploading resume on their website for their resume bank.

Consultants: Sometimes asking help from job consultants works better than randomly looking for a job. If you can find some reputed consultants who hire for positions similar to yours, you may approach them.

Portfolio: If you are in a creative field – designing, writing…etc., it’s good to have an online portfolio. Employers at times ask for your work sample. It’s good to keep it handy. And you should keep adding to your portfolio as you complete new projects.

Internships: Freshers or just out of college graduates can look at internships as a stepping stone to a full-time job. Gaining some work experience and learning tricks of the trade should be the priority.

Be your own boss: You can also toy with the idea of finding your own work till the time you get a suitable opportunity. You can work on a project that you are passionate about or lend a helping hand to a friend who is working on a similar project. The idea is to gain work experience.

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