5 Tricks You Must Know When Using Android Phone

5 Tricks You Must Know When Using Android Phone

Do you know! Your android phone can do a lot of things that you have not ever thought of. With its powerful features and open-source platform, Android allows its users a wide variety of options to use and customize their smartphones.

Android phone

 From smartly locking to locate your stolen phone, there are many things that you may explore and know about Android devices. In this post, we are sharing 5 things that you didn’t know about your android can do. So, read on and find out the top 5 android tricks that you must know while using an Android phone.

Top 5 Cool Android Tricks You Should Know

Here are the following tweaks that you may use to make your phone more smart and efficient. Take a quick look.

1.   Turn Battery Saver ON

Does your battery drain faster? Do you want to optimize your battery and make it work for longer? Does your android phone battery ditches you when you need it the most? If yes, then you need to boost your phone’s battery. Due to background running apps, live wallpapers, too many widgets and bloatwares, your phone battery drains faster. Thus, it is important that you uninstall the unused apps, remove bloatwares and disable the background running apps.

To enable the battery saver option in your phone, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to Settings >> Battery.
  • Flip on the “Battery Saver” or “Power Saver mode”.
  • Battery Saver or Power Saver mode limits the resources and alerts you to charge the phone when the battery is low. While you are in Battery settings, you may find an option to set the limit of Power Saver Mode. For instance, if you set the battery limit as 15%, Power Saver or Battery Saver Mode will turn on at 15% and your android device will stretch the battery longer than usual.


  • You may Install the Battery Saver application like Advanced Phone Cleaner. This android phone cleaner application will help you to stop the unnecessary background running apps and boost the phone battery.
  • To boost the battery, you need to use its one tap option “Battery Booster”.
  • You may also remove bloatwares and reduce processor temperature by using options like App Manager, RAM booster and CPU cooler.

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2.   Get Rid of Annoying Notifications

Are you tired of continuous notifications over and over? If yes, then you have a choice to turn them Off. Although notifications are developed to keep you updated about the app, it causes interruptions and frustration often. Also, these app notifications drain your phone’s battery and affect the phone’s performance by engaging the device ‘s resources.

To disable notifications and stop them from annoying you constantly, follow these steps.

  • Long press on the notification that you want to disable. Press it until a message box appears.
  • Tap on “App Info” and uncheck “Show Notifications”.
  • Tap on OK to confirm turning off of notifications.

3.   Locate Your Stolen or Lost Phone

Losing your phone is not less than a heartbreak. You don’t only lose your money but also lose your photos, videos, documents, accounts information and everything that you have kept in your phone. If gone in wrong hands, your private and sensitive information may be misused. There are chances that someone will hack your social media accounts or use your card details to make a big purchase.

Thankfully, your Android device has a built- in option to wipe all your data and locate your device when it is stolen or lost. Here are the steps to do that.

  • Make sure “Android Device Manager” is installed on your device.
  • Navigate to  google.com/android/devicemanager
  • Choose your Phone from the drop down menu.
  • Now, you can view the location of your device. Ring it, lock it or erase the data from your smartphone.
  • Or, you may also install the apps available in the Play Store but before that you must be sure that you install it and update all the information before you lose your device.

4.   Stop People From Sneaking Into Your Phone

It often happens! Whenever you give someone your phone, it is never sure that they will stick to their purpose and not look into your gallery or other apps. Thus, it is always better to safeguard your photos, videos or any information that you don’t want to share with other people. To do this, you need to pin your app. With the help of “Screen Pinning”, you may pin the specific app or information and handle your phone to someone else without any worry.

To enable Screen Pinning information in your android device, perform the following steps.

  • Navigate to Settings >> Security section.
  • Search for “Screen Pinning” or “Screen Pin”.
  • Turn ON the Screen Pin and make sure you have enabled the screen lock option.

            To use the Screen Pin,

  • Open the app that you want to Pin.
  • Open the Recent apps screen or Overview with square button, shown at the bottom of the phone screen.
  • You will see the Pin icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Tap to pin the app.
  • That specific app will be pinned at the front and without unpin or entering your screen lock password no one can see sneak into your phone.

To unpin the app, you need to long press the back button or long press back and recent apps button simultaneously. Later, follow the phone instructions displayed on the screen.

5.   Enable Smart Lock

To safeguard your phone data, you used to keep your phone locked but what if you are at home and don’t want to lock everything? For this, your android device offers a “Smart Lock” option. This option will help you to smartly handle the lock and keep your phone unlocked when it’s in a safe zone like your home or other trusted place. With Smart Lock, you can choose to unlock your device using your face, wireless network etc; without entering a password.

            To enable smart lock in your android phone, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to Settings >> Security and Location.
  • Search for the “Smart Lock” option and tap on it.
  • Enter your password, unlock pattern or Pin or use your fingerprint.
  • Set the trusted location and devices, set up voice match and tap on On-body detection to specify the detection medium.
  • Once the Smart lock is ON, you may see a pulsing circle at the bottom of your lock screen around the lock symbol.

Aren’t these tricks amazing? So, try out these useful android tweaks and enjoy a better and improved smartphone experience. You may also share these tips with your friends and amaze them with your great knowledge. Get your smartphone smarter!!

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