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Top 5 Job Vacancies That You Can Opt. For in India

With the massive economic development happening in India, there are various companies which are floating job vacancies for different positions, for which one may apply. To make a great career and find an opportunity to earn great income, it is important for one to gain relevant skills and knowledge in the domain they want to progress in. Today, skilled employees have better career options and are able to start well in profession they want. So, if you are the one who wants to fill job vacancies in India then here are a few career options that are trending in India.

To start a career in India, most companies expect candidates to have a relevant educational qualification. To pass that condition most candidates have to undertake a graduation degree or a specific certification as per the requirement of the job profile. Gone are the days when a few profiles used to dominate. In today’s generation there are various job roles that have created their own importance and hence the job vacancies are being floated by most startups and multinational corporations. So, as per the new age the job vacancies that have are more relevant in India are as follows:

  • Fashion Designers: With the focus on global fashion industry, most companies in India have taken our domestic clothing culture to the next level. To make sure a relevant progress happens in this domain, most fashion hubs and designers hire candidates from top colleges and universities to run their business effectively and in turn pays a good salary.  The job vacancies for fashion designers are being posted on various social media channels and also most of them are hired through job portals and referrals.

Educational Requirement: Bachelors on Fashion Technology, Bachelors in Fashion Design.

Job Role: Assistant Designer, Assistant Procurement, Assistant Production Executive.

Initial Salary: 2,50,000-Rs. 3,50,000

  • Lawyer: Lawyer is a great profession to opt for in India. There are various domains in this single field of work. So, most lawyers may take up various job vacancies in areas such as corporate, criminal, civil, personal etc.  Lawyer is a reputed profession in India and potential candidates may take-up this job role as per the capabilities. This profession has always been in demand irrespective of the condition of state economy.

Educational Requirement: Bachelors in law (LLB), Master’s in Law (LLM)

Job Role: Executive, Assistant Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer

Initial Salary: Rs. 3,00,000- 5,00,000

  • Engineer: Engineering is a domain with various job options to opt for, most potential candidates are hired by the top MNC’s and startups and rest land into academic or business domain. This is a technical field and one has to have great skills and knowledge before entering in this field. There are job vacancies in streams like civil, IT, computer science, electrical, chemical etc.

Educational Requirement: Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech.), Master’s in Technology (MTech.)

Job Role: Assistant Engineer, Associate Engineer, Engineering Trainee, Engineering Executive.

Initial Salary: Rs. 3,75,000-25,00,000 (Depending Upon College)

  • Management Professionals: Management professionals are highly demanded in Indian job market. This again is a domain in which the candidate may take any specialization and can decide to make a career likewise.  Management professionals have the opportunity to work for marketing, finance, operations, IT, human resources, data management. So, to opt for job vacancies in this field one needs to fulfil the educational requirement.  

Educational Requirement: Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Job Role: Management Trainee, Executive

Initial Salary: 4,00,000-20,00,000 (depending upon college)

  • Medical Professionals: Medical is a great career option for young professionals and most hospitals look forward to hire new professionals. It is a reputed career option for professionals and has a lot of domains which candidates may take up. Like cardio, neuro, psychology etc.

Educational Requirement: MMBS, BDS

Job Role: Executive, Trainee

Initial Salary: Rs. 3,00,000-5,00,000

So, these are the top 5 job profiles one may opt for to make a great career. India is a great job market for professionals and if you have the right skills and knowledge then you may have exceedingly well career graph.

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