Popular Government Jobs: Career And Retirement Benefits

The numbers of aspirants opting for government jobs in India is growing tremendously. It’s not only for the high-level government positions but also for posts such as peons, constables, security guards, clerks, and other job positions, there is a good demand. The number of job applicants is quite high, and every year, it is growing. In spite of the fact that there are private organizations which are luring the young professionals with their high-end infrastructure, better work culture and pay package, yet, even today, nobody can undermine the importance and power of a government job in India.

What makes government jobs in India so popular

government jobs 2019 in india

In this write-up today, we present before you the importance and benefits of being in Government jobs:

Security of a life-long career

You will hardly find anyone who has left his or her government job to join a private company. No matter what position and role is, one major reason for candidates opting for jobs in a government organization is that there is complete job security. This, of course, cannot be guaranteed in a private organization where jobs are always at risk due to reasons like as recession, poor performance, cost-cutting, market situation etc. In a government organization, jobs are more secured and employees feel a sense of career security till their lifetime.

Government jobs have retirement benefits

retirement plans after the government jobs

Another popular reason to opt for government job is that it provides a better retirement policy, which is not available in a private job. Depending on the job position, the pension amount varies. The new pension scheme for jobs under the Government of India ensures that all employees’ lifestyle and standard of living are maintained even after retirement. The best part is that the pension of an employee is carried over to the spouse incase of death of the employee. So, this is actually a security given to the entire family of the employee even after his or her death.

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Leaves and holidays

holidays for governments jobs employees

Government jobs have more Public and national holidays, including leaves than private organizations. All major state festivals are declared holidays in government offices. Employees can enjoy most of their home festivals without affecting their leaves. Also, leave policies are better and more in number in government jobs. In fact, government jobs in India provide child-care leaves for a period of 2 years, which can be taken up anytime during the period till the child attains 18 years of age. It’s entirely the choice of the employees to use this long leave period, either at one go or in parts.

Salary package and benefits

Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word Benefits

Many are of the opinion that the pay scale of a government job is low as compared to private companies. Yes, this may be true in terms of net salary, but when you consider the additional benefits, perks, and incentives, it is a much better salary package.

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Most lucrative government positions offer various incentives along with salary. These include house rent, medical benefits, transportation costs, fuel costs, pension and so on. In fact, the 7th pay commission has made lots of changes in salary policies and is trying to make salary in public organizations at par with the private sector.

Work-life balance is achievable in a government job

In today’s competitive professional life, many young professionals talk about the problems of maintaining a work-life balance. However, government jobs are the best jobs to help you achieve work-life balance as these jobs have fixed working hours, usually from 9 am to 5 pm. So, once the office hours are over, you can spend time as you want to, be it at home with family or friends or just by yourself.  The work stress is less in the government sector, as this sector work towards long-term goals, unlike in a private job, where there are deadlines to meet and work pressure leads to more stress.

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