Using Job Portals to get your dream job

Job portals or career portals are the best-known media for job search by candidates and for applicant search by employers. One of the most common methods used in today’s time to locate the idea candidates by employers or to apply for jobs by candidates is through job portals. In India, there are a good number of job portals offering a range of jobs in different fields. These are basically the career websites with a database of a large number of companies and the end number of jobs available all across the country.

There are job portals specific to government agencies, universities, nonprofit organizations, private businesses, employers/recruiters of particular industry domains. They have their own job portals that candidates can access the official website of the organization and directly apply there. These are basically referred to as job boards where job requirements for a particular position are posted by the employer on the job portal and prospective candidates can apply and submit their resumes.

How job portals work?

Candidates need to register on the job portal, complete their details in terms of education, experience, skills, address, etc. Once registered, the candidates can search for jobs of their choice and they can manage their accounts.

Employers also have the benefit of choosing their candidates for varied job positions. They too have to register on the job portal, complete their business details and also need to give a proper description of the job for which applicants are required. They can post the job vacancies on the portal database time-to-time. Registered employers can add or remove jobs as and when required.

The basic purpose of job portals is to make easy for Job Seekers to submit their resume, search and apply for jobs. Employers too can select the best applicants from the various profiles available. Users can submit their resumes or submit them to potential employers for review through the portal, while recruiters or employers can post job advertisements and search for potential employees.

Job portals also provide additional information like as career tips, employer reviews, employee reviews, job-search advice, and so on.

Some basic facts associated with job portals

  • Do not confuse a job portal with career websites where career options are highlighted or tips are given for searching for a job.  Remember, job portals offer a plethora of job opportunities on a single platform where you can apply on current job openings.
  • Registering on a job portal does not guarantee a job. It makes your work easier to find job openings as per your skills and qualification. Getting a job depends on your individual efforts, your performance in the interview, your experience, and so on.
  • Job portals provide jobs of all types for all industry domains. Basically, most job portals are large-scale generalist portals. However, in recent time, there are some niche job portals that serve specific geographies, audiences, and industries. Experts are now encouraging job applicants to concentrate on industry-specific job portals.

Free and Paid Job Portals

Almost all job portals have the option of free and paid registration. In case of paid registration as a candidate, you get an upper hand of getting all new job openings right in your inbox much earlier than the others. This gives you the advantage of being an early applicant. Your job search becomes more quick and apt.

For employers too, there is the option of a paid registration to list their priority job openings on the job portal.

Experts say that paying fees for job hunting and job application services offered in job portals should be carefully chosen. Paid job portals can only be considered where there is an urgent need for a particular profile in a specific industry by the candidates. Otherwise, opt for free registration where you can apply for jobs and connect with potential employers on these job portals.

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