Prominent Sectors for Jobs in Gwalior

Gwalior in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is an important city of the state, it being the administrative headquarters of Gwalior district and Gwalior division. One of the upcoming metropolitan cities of the country, a city under PM’s flagship Smart Cities Mission, there has been some good openings for jobs in Gwalior in recent time. There are few prominent sectors in the city which offer prospective job opportunities for the local educated youths there. Let’s find out below:

Prominent Sectors for Jobs in Gwalior

Government sector

Being a small city with a number of government organizations, it is a dream for many local educated professionals to get jobs in the government sector. There are many judicial organizations, administrative boards, and commissions which have their head offices in Gwalior. The three levels of government for municipal and civic administration offer lucrative jobs in Gwalior, the most popular being the Gwalior Municipal Corporation. There are many central government organizations in the departments of research, finance, accounts, and even air force and security. Some leading Central government institutions include HO of Central Intelligence Bureau HO, Office of the Accountant-General (AG) of Madhya Pradesh, Defense Research & Development Establishment (DRDE), Office of The Narcotics Commissioner of India (Central Bureau of Narcotics), etc. Among the state government organizations, names include the office of the President- Revenue Board of Madhya Pradesh, Office of The Transport-Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh, Office of The State Excise Commissioner. To get high-profile government jobs in Gwalior, candidates need to qualify civil services exams either at all India or at the state level. For other positions, time-to-time job advertisements are published in the local newspapers.


Gwalior is also a leading industrial center for the state of Madhya Pradesh as it is surrounded by prominent industrial districts, Malanpur – Bhind, Banmor – Morena. Madhya Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation manages Malanpur Industrial Area which has more than 140 industrial units. The city was known for the large manufacturing industries like as J.C. MILLS of Birlanagar, Gwalior Grasim at one point of time. There are chemical, dairy, manufacturing, textiles, handicraft and other small industries which provide ample jobs in Gwalior for the skilled and the unskilled labor force of the city. The factory J.B.Mangharam Ltd is a major factory in Gwalior, where educated professionals are hired for management and marketing purpose. Prominent companies in the industrial sector include UFlex (Flex Industries Ltd), Ranbaxy Laboratories, SRF, Cadbury, Surya Bulbs, SiyaRam, J. K. Tyres, etc.


Tourism is another sector contributing to the jobs in Gwalior. Being a city of ancient historic past with a number of age-old relics and architectural monuments, Gwalior’s tourism has been contributing to the economy as well. Locals can try for different types of jobs in the tourism sector.


For a prospective career in academics, there are ample jobs in Gwalior in the education sector. Gwalior has five Kendriya Vidyalayas, Delhi Public School, Gwalior, various engineering and technological institutes, and not to forget the famous Scindia Schools for boys and girls. These educational institutes have a requirement for the position of teaching, administrative, management, and other jobs on a regular basis. In fact, there are many qualified professionals from other states and cities who apply for jobs in Gwalior in the education sector.

Self-employed groups It is to be noted that in Gwalior, there is a large section of the population involved in their own business and start-ups. They are involved with trading firms. There are many who are self-employed and run their SMEs. Agra and Gwalior provide the local market for the products produced by these groups. Some run their own coaching institutes which provide jobs in Gwalior to a large section of the population.

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