Main Reasons- Why Database Managers Should Use Hadoop

Today, database managers have to be highly efficient as database management has turned out a critical task due to many threats on the internet. With the advent of time, database managers are facing two fundamental challenges. The first challenge is, of course, the security issue. The security threats are gaining more power, and thus, threats are becoming even more critical than earlier. The second major challenge in front of the database managers is the escalating size of data. On a daily basis, a business adds a huge size of data to its existing database. Managing such a huge size of data is definitely a difficult job. The job of database managers is to make things easier. They adopt proficient techniques for effective and seamless database management.

hadoop manager jobs

For efficient database management, Hadoop has been used extensively nowadays. So, why database managers should learn about this database platform? What are the benefits of using Hadoop? The answers can be found in the following section of this article.

Efficient Big Data Analysis

In most of the organizations, big data analysis is a top priority. It has to be done with perfection, and that is why proper database management process has to be adopted. Big Data is playing a game-changing role for the business organizations these days. It comes with a lot of unique features that make data analysis more accurate and beneficial for the organization. According to the industry studies and statistics, big data adoption increased to 53% in 2017 from merely 15% in the year of 2015.

This is the reason why database management platform has to be efficient. With biog data analytics, businesses can gain various benefits like improved operation efficiency, better customer service, competitive edge over rivals, etc. With the use of Hadoop, big data management will become easier. This is the reason why Hadoop is getting popular. Till the time when big data will continue to be a major player for the businesses, Hadoop will remain relevant for the database managers.

Scarcity of Hadoop Professionals

As a database professional, you should know Hadoop as there is a huge demand for Hadoop professionals in the field of database planning, design, and management. However, as per demand, there is no supply of Hadoop professionals. In other words, the world has a scarcity of experienced and professional Hadoop professionals. This is the reason why database managers should aim for pursuing a career in this field. A career in this field will definitely help you to find the right job. Hence, this is the reason why database managers should choose to go for learning Hadoop.

Various Professional Opportunities

There are a lot of professional opportunities for Hadoop professionals, and that is why this is quite a popular database management platform. You can use different languages like Python, Java, etc. for the purpose of programming on the Hadoop. As a database programmer, you shall find that Hadoop is extremely flexible. Learning Hadoop will bring the opportunity to pursue a career in different jobs roles. Some of the job roles are:

Apart from these job roles, you shall find different other job roles in the field of information technology, once you learn Hadoop. Learning about this database management platform is more than essential for everyone.

Hadoop Is Disruptive Technology

Why should you learn Hadoop? If there has to be a concrete answer, then disruptive technology is the answer for you. As a database manager, you need to understand the latest technologies and different kinds of innovations that are happening around you. In terms of cost, scalability, and storage, Hadoop is quite exceptional. This is why Hadoop has been regarded as a part of the disruptive technology. The Hadoop ecosystem is undergoing continuous experiments and improvements. As a result, database management will become a seamless experience. In order to stay aligned with the latest technologies, Hadoop is regarded as quite efficient.

Gateway to the Big Data Technologies

You cannot ignore the bid data today, and that is why learning the things that are connected with big data is important. For big data analytics, big data cannot be ignored. With the appropriate application as well as the use of big data, businesses can gain higher profitability, better productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction level. This is why Hadoop is important to learn, as, in database management, Hadoop has been regarded as the gateway to big data. Professional and skilled database managers should understand the importance as well as the essence of using Hadoop. This platform helps perfectly to the users to conduct big data analytics.

Opportunity to Work in Different Business Domains

As a database manager, you have the chance to work with different businesses. However, if you are seeking to work with the most reputed companies, you need to learn Hadoop. This database management platform has been used by businesses belonging to different domains. The reason behind that is nothing but the ease in the database management process and seamless integration of big data. No business can grow by ignoring the importance of big data today. For every progressive business organizations, it is important to use big data for the purpose of data analytics.

Big data will help the businesses to understand the things that are going well or wrong for the business. Business managers can make effective decisions based on data analytics on big data. For big data integration, you should not undermine the importance or essence of using Hadoop. It is a professional platform, and it comes with a lot of advantages. This is why businesses in different domains keep their trust in Hadoop. Some of the sectors are retail, banking, finance, eCommerce, healthcare, education, and many more. Get in touch with the experts of RemoteDBA website to know more about Hadoop.


At the conclusion note, it needs to be stated that Hadoop is a powerful and professional platform for the purpose of database planning as well as management. Managing data and integration of big data will be easy with Hadoop. This is why there is a demand for professional Hadoop experts. So, learning Hadoop is beneficial for the database managers as well as engineers.

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