Grow E-commerce Website with digital marketing techniques

Growing your eCommerce site can be a challenge, especially when there are so many sites to compete against. That’s not to say it’s entirely out of the scope.

So here’s the step by step manner in which you can grow your eCommerce store with digital marketing techniques

Invest in SEO

The way Google ranks websites has undergone a tectonic shift. That doesn’t mean links have been displaced as the currency of the web. Links move the needle on ranking.

what is seo

Links still rule the roost. But with some major differences. In 2019 and further along, the relevancy of links and their quality are far more important to search engines like Google.

There’s no way you can mimic this artificially. Prior to writing this post, I took a quick swirl around groups dedicated to SEO and some blackhat stuff. I found that the overwhelming chatter hints at the reduced efficacy of several link building techniques that used to be in vogue.

PBN links aren’t effective any more. Many people got a boost in their rankings when their PBN sites expired unexpectedly.

Guest blogging and genuine outreach on quality sites is what moves the needle on ranking today. For a product heavy ecommerce site it can be harder than most. But it’s still doable. Publishing case studies and relevant figures and stats to interest marketing and other blogs in what you’re doing. This way you get to build links to them automatically.

Social Media

Social Media is a ranking signal today. But we are not talking about social media for those reasons.

Social media is an underrated technique to drive traffic to your store and product pages. The key is to not focus on selling. Instead, focus on promoting terrific content for your store.


Social media is the perfect platform for you to air out user generated content. There are several brands that do this with great success. For example, recently ASOS created a hashtag challenge encouraging its customers to create photos of them wearing ASOS branded items.

This fuelled a lot of UGC for the brand, resulting in millions of photos posted. As people shared the photos with family and friends that meant more and more word of mouth for ASOS who as a result of the additional traffic sold a lot more products.

There are several other ways you can nail this. Without a big budget or brand presence. A simple hashtag contest run over the years is enough to get the word out and stir the pot.

Email Marketing

Of all the marketing channels available to you, email has consistently netted one of the biggest ROIs possible. Email is something 80% of your customers are on. Compared to search that’s used by 16% of Americans and social media used by 22% of Americans. Email is used much more widely.

Despite tons of mail going to spam people still have the time to open and respond to the right emails. Have you ever given a thought as to why that happens?

Because in the thick of spam mails, real engaging emails that have been written with care get opened. With a good email service provider, good luck trying to get those mails opened. They will never make it to the inbox.

That means you must have a great logo to go with it. This showcases your branding. And puts the focus back to your brand. Use a logo maker from Designhill. It’s free to get started.

Content Marketing

Lastly, the kind of content you put out every day goes a long way in establishing your brand presence online. Content marketing is one of the best ways to propel your brand to new heights.

Content should be written with the end-user in mind. Don’t forget what his needs, questions, and frustrations are. Only when you take care of these things will you be able to integrate content effectively. Do keyword research to create targeted content for your site. With keywords, you get to identify which problems are popular among your site’s audience and create content in accordance.

Be it podcasts, videos or anything else that your audiences like content marketing is the way to go.

Concluding thoughts

So these are the different ways to integrate content effectively in your business and see success with it. Content marketing, social media, influencer marketing all work if you give it a chance.

What do you think of the tips and tricks I shared?

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