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Develop An On-Demand Food Delivery App- Must Read Article

Recession and inflation are two major aspects of our economy. An industry that remains stagnant in both these scenarios is food. People look for food in every circumstance you put them in. Whether its a wedding or its a funeral, whether its a birthday or its a death anniversary, whether its a movie night or its a sports night, food remains at the center of every occasion. This is why on-demand food delivery apps are always high in demand.

Another reason why these apps are in every user’s device is laziness towards cooking and waiting in a queue to dine out. Food ordering app is very and convenient option to get the food right your doorstep in just a few clicks or swipes. If you are looking to land your own version of getting the food to user’s doorstep, there are plenty of things you should be aware of before you jump right in. Well, we can be your advisers as well as your development partner if you wish.

Let’s get started with the features that make a food delivery app complete and wanted by the users. There are four sides of a food delivery app, let’s cover each one by one.

Customer App Features

  • Easy Login

The app must have two options for login, the first is through email registration and another one is with social login. The user can pick their convenient option and get started.

  • Nearby Restaurants

Find cool places to eat around you. Also, you can search the restaurants based on the cuisine types, distance, timing, and any peculiar choice you have.

  • Check the Menu

The users can check the menu, see the prices, popular dishes, and then order if it deems fit.

  • Place and Customize Your Order

The user can pick their dish and customize it as per their taste. They can add their favorite toppings, remove or add veggies or sauces as per their likes.

  • Check the Cart

You can add your selected items to the cart and also remove items from the cart. After you are finished with every modification, you can place the order.

  • Push Notifications

Timely reminders of the order being placed, if the order is on the way, any new restaurants are added, if there are any deals and discount, can be sent through notifications.

  • Secured Payment

Food delivery app must have multiple ways to make payment. It should provide cash payment, payment with debit or credit card, or UPI payment.

  • Live Tracking

One of the extremely essential features of a food delivery app is live tracking the order. The user can know whether the food is prepared and dispatched. They can also know where their food has reached and by what time it will be delivered to their doorstep.

  • Rating and Reviews

The users can share their experience with the app or the restaurant by adding the ratings and review.

Restaurant App Features

  • Create A Profile

The restaurant can create their profile and state the facts and details that users are looking for. The name of the restaurant, year of establishment, number of branches with address, opening and closing time and such other details can be added in a restaurant profile.

  • Get Order Alerts

The restaurant gets an alert when they receive an order from the user. This will help them to prepare the order at the earliest minute possible.

  • Change in Menu

The restaurant owner can make any changes to the menu. He can add items, remove items, or change the price of different items.

  • Manage Orders

The restaurant can keep a track on the total number of orders received, the total number of orders dispatched, the total number of numbers on the way through the manage orders feature.

  • Manage Payment

This feature will help the restaurant owner to track the total payment received and through which modes.

  • Customer Information

The restaurant can have the customer contact details to confirm the order and send them the order status update.

  • History

The restaurant can track their history, know the orders of the day or for the entire month and payment received for those orders.

  • Feedback

The restaurant owner can check the feedback received and reply to all the users with varied reviews about the restaurant.

  • Manage Offers

The restaurant owner can also manage different offers and discounts and showcase it on the app.

Driver App Features

  • Profile Creation

The driver can also create their own profile and mention details like name, contact details, documents, driving license, and payment related details.

  • Get Orders

The driver should get the order through this feature. They also get the contact details of the user and also the location of the user. The nearby driver automatically gets the order for maximum convenience.  

  • Get Location

The driver should get the location details along with the order to drop the food at the user’s place.

  • Notifications

The driver must be notified about the location, change in location, addition of any policy and any other thing through push notifications.

  • Get Multiple Orders

The driver can also receive more than one order at a single time. He can drop several orders if they are in nearby locations.

  • Order History

The delivery boy can check the number of orders he has delivered in a day or in a month and gets paid on that basis.

Admin App Features

  • Manage Database

The admin can manage the data of the customers, restaurants, delivery boys, and everything relevant to the food delivery app.

  • Manage Restaurant

The admin can manage the restaurant through this feature. He can add new ones or remove the old ones and keep the restaurant list updated.

  • Manage Feedback

The admin can approve or reject the feedback given by the users.

  • Manage Offers

The admin can add new offers or deals from the restaurant side as and when he deems fit.

  • Manage Revenue

The admin can manage the payment received from the customers, payment made to the restaurants and delivery boys and the commission set for them.

  • Notifications

The admin can send notifications to the registered users, restaurants, and delivery boys through SMS and emails.

So, now you know exactly what your on-demand food delivery app needs. It can be a complex project. Make sure to hire a mobile app development company who is an expert in this domain to deliver what you expected.

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