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On-Page Optimization Strategies to Conquer SEO Traffic 2019

In this given day and age, on-page optimization will play a significant role in your SEO endeavor. It will provide incredible results provided you follow the right SEO tactics. Typically, in SEO, links as always are very important but on-page SEO has created the biggest bang recently for most of the companies. This is because on-page SEO is a continual process much unlike the others which are mostly ‘set it and forget it’ tactic.

On-Page SEO Strategies 2019
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On-page SEO is the most commonly followed technical SEO a tactic that shares a few primary website optimizations such as:

  • The content should answer the common user questions
  • You should ensure the internal site search
  • Provide relevant search results
  • Shorten the conversion process
  •  Ensure restocking of the commonly purchased items by the repeat customers simply
  • Responsive customer support
  • Relevant answers to questions related to your business
  • Use of chatbots for a quick reply to reduce the load for basic questions as well as common procedural tasks
  • Easy navigation to physical locations by the users and
  • Providing users with clear and visual process forms for their stage in fulfillment funnel.

You should also be ready for voice search as this is an era of mobile phones. Voice queries are more in demand and therefore you should focus more on voice optimization strategy. This is just another part of the bigger shift in SEO practice that provides specific “results” to specific “answers.” This is also a part of an extended “conversational search journey.”

The Opinion of the experts:

Experts say that more and more companies will use voice search for their SEO and those who cannot do it on their own will not mind investing in SEO agencies and experts in SEO management such as Blastup and others to get a high ROI. The prominence and importance of voice search now is due to several good reasons and some of these reasons are:

  • It is easier
  • It is convenient and
  • It works exceptionally well in specific scenarios.

However, as of now, voice search has a few limitations in its applications especially in a format where it is required to fulfill more complicated tasks and complex answers. For example, it is found that voice search is not as effective as other tactics when it comes to comparing products and services.

Moreover, the effective use of voice search is not possible by translators, whether it is a machine or human. This is because a voice can be and literally is very different from:

  • Region to region
  • Country to the country
  • Dialect to dialect
  • Social class to social class and much more.

Having said all that, voice search is still considered to be the game-changer in 2019 and beyond and works well for any multinational and multilingual website. It is expected by the experts that the marketers will soon realize the importance of voice search in modern SEO.

Use of machine learning:

In 2019, you should not ignore machine learning which is certainly not extinct but is literally on the verge of an unthinkable and never seen before the explosion.

You will see a lot of use of machine learning for search optimization with Rank Brain or Google News groupings but still the real power of it is still to be seen and exploited. Probably, in 2019 things will change as a lot of prep work for it is seen with:

  • The changes in the layout of the search engines and
  • The change in their drive to answer user intents rather than their questions

This, in fact, is just a small part of the type of impact you can expect due to machine learning this year and the years to come in SEO process. Therefore, make sure that you do not simply watch machine learning bring about the changes. Instead, make sure that you adopt machine learning and its newer techniques to develop unique content for your SEO.

Machine learning works on the available set of data built on specific variables and coupled with the analysis and reporting to meet the varied needs of the search engines. It is also useful for testing innovative strategies and implementation of these that will help in determining and understanding the reasons for successes and failures.

Structured Data Markup:

This is another key aspect of modern SEO and is used extensively whenever possible. This is important because AI is becoming increasingly important for Google and it is not far when Google may shift from their ‘mobile-first’ strategy to a ‘first’ world wherein structured data will be the key player.

Structured Data Markup uses in seo
source: internet

Therefore, no matter how good your AI is, if the site takes too much time to ‘crawl’ through the essential information, consider it not to be great. This is because AI as always requires faster processing of contents as well as their relations with each other.

In addition to that, experts say that you should also focus on understanding a few other things apart from structured data and that includes:

  • Schema
  • Active and passive search behaviors
  • How they connect to specific behaviors and
  • The signal intent.

All these factors are equally important to estimate the behavior of search much faster and result in a much larger effort of ‘findability.’

This will help you to establish a contextual relationship between different topics and behaviors, all supported well by the structured markup data. This is therefore considered to be the most critical trend that one needs to understand, test and implement in 2019.

In addition to that, you will also need to know a few other things that will ensure a better SEO. Such information and facts include:

  • The architecture
  • The tags
  • The metadata and
  • The search engines signals.

This will help in understanding the topical and supportive content structure.

The inference:

On page seo analysis

Therefore, make sure you understand and use the right schema vocabulary on your pages for:

  • Products
  • Events
  • Offers
  • Contact information
  • Associations
  • Organizational information
  • Ratings and
  • Content.

To sum it up it can be said that you should leverage both your existing content and structured data markup and integrate these to establish an effective link between factual reality and the screen-less future.

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