bio technology jobs in india

Rising Opportunities For Biotechnologists

An interdisciplinary science stream known as Biotechnology is getting increasingly popular among young aspirants as it provides great opportunities for those people who want to explore this branch of science. The biotechnology applications are not just limited to one industry or job; it’s multifaceted and covers various industrial sectors like pharmaceutical, animal husbandry, engineering applications and more. Besides the inclusion of biology, there are many other diverse subjects that make biotechnology interdisciplinary. In addition to technical and engineering applications, biotechnologist jobs come with lots of job opportunities.

What Biotechnology actually:-

Jobs in Bio technology in india

As the name itself says, biotechnology is made up of biology and technology. Under this stream, bioengineering and other fields overlap to develop products that are essential for humanity. With the evolution of biotechnology, there has been a significant change in the field of virology, immunology, seed technology, health, cell biology and more.

The role of a Biotechnologist:

Biotechnologist jobs entail conducting experiments in laboratories, be it government or private, to bring out some viable changes in the structure of living organism for further developments. As a biotechnologist, you work across various industries as biophysicists, medical scientists, biochemists and more. It goes without saying that this form of science deals with genetically modified things and creation of essential products from living systems. The most important industries that make use of biotechnology are agriculture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and more.

Career avenues in biotechnology:

career in bio technology profile

As a career option, the scope of biotechnology knows no bounds. We are living in exciting times where amazing discoveries take place, and innovative products are being developed every day. Interestingly, there are various institutions that offer great learning resources for the biotechnology aspirants. These professionals stay at the forefront of continuous research and innovation to find sustainable sources. They can also opt for specializations in such subfields as proteomics, bioinformatics, and genomics.

Where can you study Biotechnology:-

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Students who want to make it big by taking biotechnologist jobs should have taken biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics in their 12th grade. This way, they can pursue Biotechnology as their specialization in their UG course. This UG program in biotechnology can either be a B.Sc or B.E/B.Tech. Normally, the duration of the B.Sc program is three years whereas it takes 4 years to complete the B.E/B.Tech program.

Aspirants who are keen on taking up higher education courses can choose to pursue master’s level in biotech after the bachelor’s degree. Similarly, the degree of M.Sc and M.E/ M.Tech stands for master-level courses. If a student wants to pursue a PG program, he/she should have completed his bachelor’s from any of the life science courses. Individuals who are not just interested in biotechnologist jobs but want to make their mark in the research and development area can choose to complete their Ph.D. degrees in biotechnology and similar fields.

It comes as no surprise that people who pick biotech careers have ample options of specializations to choose from- working as a botany specialist, microbiologist, epidemiologist, biochemist, food/agricultural scientist, and biomedical engineer to name a few. If you also want to build a rewarding career and share a penchant for biotechnologist jobs, we suggest you build a strong foundation for envisioning a splendid career.

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