Demystifying the Reasons for the High Engagement Rate of Instagram

Ever since Instagram made its debut less than a decade ago, it has set a scorching the pace of growth to cross one billion active monthly users last year. One of the prime reasons why Instagram has seen such an explosive rate of user growth is that it generates the best rate of user engagement of all social media networks by far. It is not uncommon for brands to witness an engagement rate of 4% of the total number of their Instagram followers. To put the figure in its correct perspective, Facebook and Twitter record around 0.1% only. A brief analysis of why Instagram has such an outstanding rate of engagement:

Focus On Visual Content

Instagram created waves when it was launched because it was the first time that any social media network attempted to be completely focused on visuals and that too only a mobile-only environment. That human beings love to see visuals more than reading text has been amply proven time and again and Instagram proved to be no different. The structured square format of the visuals posted on Instagram gave an additional layer of uniformity and users fell in love with it in increasing numbers with the passage of time and as smart phones became more and more easily available and affordable.

Instagram’s Algorithm Favors Relevant Content:

As per Instagram’s representatives, Instagram feed positioning is “always adjusting and improving dependent on information” to give clients the most ideal experience. That is the reason in June 2016 the organization chose to jettison the invert ordered feed for an algorithmic one. While this change wasn’t gotten too energetically at first, it prompted Instagram clients seeing 90% of their companions’ posts, rather than missing half of them preceding the update.

More or less, this implies the Instagram news source began organizing increasingly significant substance, which helped shoot up a commitment on the stage. Yet, it wasn’t only clients’ posts that started getting a greater commitment. Brands encountered a 105% elevate in cooperation’s after the update, as well:

Mobile Functionality

Designed ground-up for use on smart phones, Instagram was a product that was launched just at the time Smart phones became more ubiquitous and affordable. Using the app on the phone, users were for the first time truly liberated from the restrictions of desktops and complicated editing software. Now they could click photos, beautify them, and post them on to their Instagram accounts all on the go in one seamless operation. The sheer convenience of using Instagram to capture the experience as it happens is a great attraction for users who also love its intuitive and simple menu options and the opportunity of scrolling through new content almost infinitely.

Better Functionality

Like Twitter, Instagram also offers posts that are available publicly but with greater control over spam posts and personal networks that are reasonably secure. While dedicated to sharing images, it does not restrict itself to anyone function like LinkedIn and is thus usable by a larger set of audiences. The versatility of Instagram maximizes the potential base of users and provides a natural stimulus to users to interact more. Advertisers looking to increase their follower base can use Instagram marketing agencies like stormlikes.

The Novelty Factor

The freshness of approach to social media sharing was also an important factor for the rapid adoption of Instagram among the younger generation who were bored with the same text-based approach by all the other social media platforms existing at that time, including Facebook and Twitter. According to studies, around two-thirds of all people between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram.


Instagram has been able to leverage the natural inclination of people to look at images more than they would like to read the text in a very engaging manner. However, even with all its advantages, Instagram is not the ideal platform for engaging in dialogue or debate on any issue. It is undoubtedly the perfect platform for advertisers to create brand awareness and excitement.

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