jobs in shillong

Shillong- a beautiful place to live and work

Shillong is more than just known for being a beautiful hill station in the northeastern region of India and the capital of Meghalaya; it is a charming world in itself. The city is home to many fantastic tourist destinations and is also ranked 4th in the list of most populous cities in North East India. Known the world over as the Scotland of the East, this place has an irresistible charm and friendly atmosphere which makes you forget the hustle and humdrum of metropolitan areas.  It goes without saying that this place would also make for a perfect option if you dream of finding jobs in Shillong and settle here.

jobs in shillong
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Nothing attests to the popularity of the city as ‘the best place to work ‘more than the fact that here, climatic conditions and flourishing industries are extremely conducive for a job seeker.  Adding to this, Shillong has been a part of the government’s mission to get major upgradations under the center’s ‘’Smart Cities Mission’’ which is why it makes perfect sense to look for new prospects and jobs in Shillong.  It comes as no surprise the city is bustling with local talents that freshly graduate from reputed educational institutions as there is no dearth of reputed schools and colleges in this region. 

jobs by skills in shillong

The city offers a plethora of institutions that help young students strengthen their foundation and make them ready for the future challenges that lie ahead. At present, there is an intriguing mix of several prestigious autonomous institutions, general degree colleges, medical, law, and nursing colleges besides many credible central and private universities. It seems apparent that the region churns out a vast majority of talented professionals that will make it big in the industry based on the high quality of education being imparted. For all those career aspirants who have a thing for outwardly quaint and equally charming but quiet places, considering jobs in Shillong would turn out to be a worthwhile decision.

In recent years, the capital city has seen a major rise in the number of media-savvy population. Locally, there is a strong amount of media consumption with a progressive increase in publications, magazines, local television and radio stations that call for more dynamic, creative individuals taking up jobs in Shillong.  Needless to say, the region is widely popular all over India as the home ground for Rock concerts and music battles that attract not just local but global talent as well. That’s why; jobs pertaining to manage and host events, public relations, and corporate communication among other roles are worth considering. We would also not rule out the immense possibility of journalistic jobs in this area, the reason being the proliferation of Khasi and English as the most popular languages of publication. Already a vast array of English dailies are in circulation- Shillong Times, The Sentinel,  and Highland Post to name a few.  Candidates with a flair for writing can make it big in journalism.  So, if you think that you have a knack for investigating and spilling the beans through crafted words, do not miss out such jobs in Shillong.

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