Instagram Analytics Tools – Main Difference Between Free And Paid Versions

For any contemporary online marketer, it is virtually unthinkable to conduct an Instagram marketing campaign without considering the results of Instagram analytics tools that can throw up vital data pertaining to important performance parameters of the campaign. According to Falcon, using the various Instagram analytics tools, campaign managers can get to know how the campaign is performing and use the feedback to improve their social media strategy. There are a large number of Instagram analytics tools available; many of them are free while others need to be paid for. A quick look at the benefits of each type:

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Advantages of Using Free Instagram Analytics Tools

Useful For Beginners:

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A significant number of the free Instagram investigation devices you’ll discover online are genuinely essential. They don’t give you a huge amount of detail or information pressed reports. For advertisers simply getting into the universe of web-based social networking investigation, this can be a decent presentation without getting overpowered by diagrams, outlines and information.

Economical: Most of the free tools give all the basic options that brand managers need to track the performance of the Instagram campaign like growth in the number of followers, engagement, the most popular hashtags, and the time of the day posts are receiving the maximum engagement. When you need to not only meet your marketing objective but also ensure the maximum possible return on investment, the free analytics tools make great sense, as there is no acquisition cost or monthly usage cost.

Simple and intuitive to use:

Most of the free Instagram analytics tools are built for being used by people who may not be experienced or familiar in using such monitoring tools. Most of the free tools have user interfaces that are really simple and do not confuse the user with too many options on the dashboard. If all you are interested is in tracking the basic data of your Instagram campaign, it can be advantageous to use the free tools as they involve a less steep learning curve that makes the adoption and use even by newcomers very easy.

Access to basic reports:

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When you only want to deal with the basic information regarding your campaign performance, the best option is to use the free analytics tools,as typically their reports are restricted to the most important metrics. If you engage Instagram marketing agencies like Like4Like to help you to boost the follower count and likes, you can depend on them to give you additional performance reports as well.

Advantages of Using Paid Analytics Tools

Free Instagram analytics is decent, however, in the event that you need to get progressively noteworthy and inside and out information, paid programming is perfect. Premium Instagram examination apparatuses are regularly worth the speculation essentially on the grounds that it gives a wealth of highlights you won’t ever observe with free instruments.

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This is particularly valid if your image explicitly needs to get progressively out of the system.  Here are some benefits of using paid analytic tools:

Detailed Information:

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The biggest reason why you should consider using paid analytics tools is that you will get access to reports that are much more detailed generated with a larger variety of information. Apart from the basic reports, typically, these tools will offer users reports that give the performance of hashtag trends, content with the most engagement, top locations of followers, follower demographics, the best times to post, etc. that can be used to improve the campaign performance. Many of them allow the data to be exported to other application for users to build custom reports.

Customer service: All paid analytics tools provide exhaustive customer service to address the problems faced by the user, which can be really helpful if the user has little experience.

Worked For Development:

A definitive objective with your Instagram battle is for it to advance development and help you to achieve your web based promoting objectives. Free apparatuses are incredible — until you exceed them. The advantage to utilizing paid Instagram investigation instruments is that they develop with you.

Premium apparatuses will keep on revealing important data about your battle’s exhibition, even as it advances.


There isn’t many (assuming any) free Instagram examination that gives an abnormal state of client administration or support. Periodically, you’re simply getting the instruments and possibly an instructional exercise on their site.

With premium programming like Sprout Social, you gain admittance to probably the top tier client administration specialists.

Need For Enterprise Brands:

In case you’re a venture organization, most free Instagram analytics aren’t going to give you the usefulness or dimension of information you need. Endeavor web-based life instruments enable your organization to work together, deal with numerous profiles and get further experiences over all channels.

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Endeavor level Instagram battles regularly include numerous partners, and a few people contributing to the execution and investigation side. Numerous exceptional apparatuses are worked in light of this. Colleagues keep an eye on the measurements that are most essential to them and get a thought of how explicit crusades are performing.

This gives straightforwardness among offices and gets your whole organization associated with social.

Mix With Other Platforms:

Most free Instagram analytics just give you information on your Instagram profiles. In any case, your internet based life records shouldn’t be taken a gander at in a storehouse. Utilizing online life dashboards with Instagram examination incorporated with them will enable you to see how your Instagram profiles are performing in connection to your different channels and in general promoting objectives.


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The decision to use a free or a paid version of the Instagram analytics tool really depends on what state your business is in and the investment that has been made in the Instagram marketing campaign. Fee tools are ideal when the business is small and the requirement is not very sophisticated, however, the paid versions are the best for larger campaigns as they more detailed reports along with customer support and access to upgrades.

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