Common Instagram Mistakes

Common Instagram Mistakes: Beware From Lost Sales for Brands

With over a billion monthly active users per month and the best engagement rate among all social media, platforms, Forbes says that Instagram is definitely the social media of choice for businesses big and small for promoting their brands and conducting e-commerce. With the competition being intense, it can be very difficult for brands to attain a positive ROI unless they are able to evolve a robust Instagram promotion strategy taking care to avoid common mistakes that can cost them followers and lost sales opportunities.

Some of the most common mistakes that you need to avoid:

Quality of the Photos

Instagram is all about a visual experience for users and with so many brands in the fray, you can expect that the standards are pretty high as far as the quality of the photos and the videos go. In fact, many brands are spending lots of money on getting photos and videos shot by professionals just like TV commercials and magazine advertisements.

It is important not to post photographs that are low-quality because it can immediately hurt your reputation and result in sales being lost. Even if you cannot afford professional photographers, be sure to use the best resources that you can and edit the photos thoroughly before posting them.

Not Posting Consistently To Posting Too Much

Since the entire purpose of being present on Instagram is to engage followers and ensure that your brand remains on top of their minds, it can be counterproductive not to post consistently because followers will start forgetting you. By following a content posting schedule, your followers for Instagram not only become increasingly aware of your brand but also start to wait for your posts, especially if they deliver substantial value. However, one critical mistake is posting too much because then users tend to think that you are being too pushy and are likely to un-follow you in a bid to de-clutter their feed. Generally, it is wise not to exceed more than one post per day.

Failing to Engage with Followers

Brand building or e-commerce success will not automatically follow just because you have set up an Instagram account and are posting content. You need to chalk out a proper content strategy with which you want to attract, impress, and engage with followers. It is important to post content that your followers will find of value; otherwise, they will simply skip it. When followers encounter posts that they can relate with, they are inclined to engage with you by liking, making comments, sharing with their friends, and even asking questions. Whenever a follower engages with you, you need to make sure that you acknowledge and respond appropriately. When you can turn the interest into a conversation, the chances of making a sale on your e-commerce platform are increased significantly.

No Link In Bio To Drive Snaps And Traffic

Traffic is the soul of your site. Simple Instagram showcasing tips incorporate a connection to your real business. A site that doesn’t create traffic will fail out, at some point or another. It won’t belong. Instagram creates up to 1.2 billion preferences for each day and 1,000 remarks for each second from genuine individuals – similar individuals you’d like to visit your site or presentation page. You probably won’t understand how dangerous excluding a connection or invitation to take action in your profile can be.

Most Instagram clients don’t give it an idea.

Nordstrom is a genuine case of a brand that realizes how to drive clients and purchasers to their store. You must comprehend that Instagram’s crowd matters to brands. What’s more, if these clients like you or your image, they’ll tail you. In any case, on the off chance that you don’t have a connection or suggestion to take action in your profile, you’re lost. To add a connection to your profile, go to “Alter Profile” and type it into the “site” content box. When you’re new to Instagram promoting, the primary thing isn’t to post quality photographs (on a par with that may sound), yet to refresh your profile with your connection. It could be a connection to your site, presentation page, social profile or the item page. The decision is yours. The main proviso is to guarantee that the connection is applicable to your offers and ensuing photographs.

Not Responding To User Comments Promptly

reply on instagram account

Remarks are the client commitment metric that Google pays a special mind to. That is on the grounds that client commitment prompts maintenance, which prompts development. No, online life remarks aren’t a positioning element, however, a post that creates plenty of remarks (at least 50) sign to Google that clients cherish it. What’s more, Google is enthusiastic about the substance that clients like, read, offer and remark on. All things considered, no one sits around idly on a conventional substance that doesn’t offer some sort of assistance.

Keep in mind that in the event that you don’t answer to remarks, in the long run, it’ll be translated as a sign that you truly couldn’t care less about your supporters and fans. They’ll consider – and all its internet-based life showcasing juice – somewhere else where they recover some affection.

Thusly, make it a point to dependably react to remarks.

I realize you’re occupied (each computerized advertiser is), however, don’t give that wobbly reason a chance to influence your association with your Instagram supporters – particularly the individuals who dependably remark on your substance. To guarantee that your devotees get your answers, just “@” label their Instagram handle in all answers. When you do that, they’ll get a warning. This will take them back to your profile and further bond your interpersonal organization association with them.

Buying Followers:

Buying Followers on instagram

Having an enormous after the base is by one way or another still considered as the most telling measurement there may be. Be that as it may, is it truly obvious? Does a colossal devotee’s number imply that you’re effective? As of late, the pattern of purchasing Instagram supporters is winding up increasingly prevalent. I state “pattern” yet what I should’ve said was “social slip-up”. Instagram administrators ought to have the option to see the entire Instagram huge picture and carry on as needs are. Numbers made by purchasing devotees just take a gander at first look. At that point, you’ll see that these devotees are not drawing in with your substance.

Is it safe to say that it isn’t smarter to have fewer adherents that are truly intrigued by your image and really remark under your photographs and take a functioning part in talks?


It is important not to think that your Instagram account and your e-commerce platform as two separate things. The purpose of the Instagram account is to let you acquire a larger base of followers who can then be engaged with to raise brand awareness and encouraged to transact on the e-commerce platform. Avoiding common mistakes can help to make the process more productive.

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