Step By Step Guide: website content audit checklist

A useful website content audit checklist is essential today. Business owners need to understand the way people are responding to their website content. Also, it is essential to ensure if your keywords are getting well utilized or not. You can guess it by taking a close look at the online website traffic. If you have always relied on guess work for your website content audit, then you need to put a process in place. When you decide to take care of your website content and the way it’s performing, you take care of your business partially.

What exactly is website content auditing

Simply put, it means taking care of the content that you’ve put out on your website and blog. Your website is a living entity. And it’s your content that breathes in life in your site or blog. And since SEO and Google updates are constantly changing, your website content needs to get updated with all these changes. Implementing an intensive website content audit means having a specific website and content structure that ensure increased website visibility. To know more about this, you can visit and discover more.

However, there are a few aspects that you need to consider in your website content audit checklist.

  • Ensure that you make an advanced content audit

Your content is the soul of your website! It addresses audience queries and provides answers for the same. That way the client requirements for more information and solutions are met. Google is dependent on your web content to find out which locales are relevant and is based on detailed search questions. When your content isn’t optimized for Google, it will not get indexed. From time to time you have to think if your content is relevant for your customers and online viewers. If not, then the conversion rates will be low.

  • Take care of the keyword usage

The search engines are increasingly dependent on the content-based information to understand a website. Hence, the keywords and key-phrases are an essential aspect of SEO copywriting. You need to ensure that you are using keywords all across the content, such as ALT tags, content body, title, Meta Descriptions and others that will help your website to rank better. If you aren’t then the website audit will point it to you.

  • Manage the content length

Google has declared it that the web page content amount determines how it evaluates the website. While there is no exact content length standard that you need to follow, still Google has mentioned that the content length should be apt to get the site indexed. If you are opting in for long-form content, you can think of a content length between 1500 and 2500. However, your content length should justify the information and interesting facts that you are presenting in your content body.

  • Take care of the content comprehension

Your website rank also depends on the way you elucidate a specific subject. Online users today want content rich in details and perspectives. It should enrich the readers. It should present them with a fact or view that will keep them engaged in the content. Also, it will make them come back to your site. You need to check the content composition as well. Using these four essential checklists for your website content audit, you can come up with useful content that works for your business and Google.

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