Career Prospects in SEO in India 2019

SEO is an integral part of Digital Marketing and is swiftly gaining grounds in India. There is no point in denying the fact that there are plenty of career opportunities in SEO as evidenced by the past history, global demand for subject matter experts and tons of advertisements about SEO Jobs on the leading job listing sites.  In fact, the demand for deft professionals in India is growing by leaps and bounds; this is backed by the fact that almost every business wants to secure the top slot in Google SERPs without shelling out hefty bucks and in the most organic way possible.


  • What aspects are considered to determine the ubiquitous nature of SEO?
  • What reasons make SEO as the safest career alternative for the aspirants?
  • Is there any thin line between Digital Marketing and SEO? And if yes, which is the better option?
  • Are there ample SEO jobs for fresher?
  • What qualifications do you need to gain prowess in SEO?

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The aforementioned questions are some of the collective queries of the majority of the young job seekers who want to start a career in SEO or start afresh in any other areas. It goes without saying that SEO, like any other field, has its fair share of rewards and challenges and even before starting your career, such factors as scope, availability of SEO jobs, job responsibility, educational qualifications, salary and work expectations must be taken into account.

What is SEO and what’s all this about:

Digital Marketing jobs

Search Engine Optimization is all about making efforts to achieve top rank in Google results.  This optimization process is very prevalent in today’s times wherein companies and professionals are increasing the odds of enhancing the visibility and ranking of their websites.  However, ever-changing updates in the Google ecosystem are making it difficult to achieve that status which is why it has become imperative that highly-skilled SEO specialists should undertake such assignmentsThis reason can also contribute to the reasons behind the growth of SEO Jobs in India.

How did SEO happen to become as one of the best career options:


Earlier, there was nothing as such called ‘’SEO’’, and that was the time when web developers used to look after the technical needs pertaining to any website’s optimization for search engines. At that time, the process was not as complex as it is nowadays.  With some easy techniques recommended by Google, web developers could secure the top three ranks in the search result page. The algorithms were unbelievably simple to implement for optimizing websites and there was no such need for SEO jobs. But soon after, Google started increasing the level of difficulty with each update they released and made it substantially hard for the webmasters to achieve the same results as before.

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization- Search Engine Land

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, this complexity paved way for a new change which came in the form of an opportunity. Now, the reckless website owners were actively searching for highly skilled professionals who could help them outshine their competitors in terms of visibility in the online ecosystem.  This quest resulted in a competitive scenario where a lot of talented experts irrespective of their experience and educational background started providing their valuable inputs. These professionals can be known as experts, consultants, and managers.  With that being said, SEO jobs have become comprehensive in nature with time. Beyond a job or career, it is indeed an amalgamation of various skill sets which can be put to good use.

What is the Future of SEO Jobs in India:

gp-10 software developer jobs- explore fields

Notwithstanding the fact that enough has already been done in the fields of SEO, there is a rising demand for a skilled workforce, which gives us some interesting insights about the rising career prospects in SEO. A variety of factors have made SEO a worth-considering career opportunity for the job seekers- digital boom, growing online commerce,  and the wide penetration of mobile and internet users, to name a few.

Looking at SEO Jobs as a career option, the industry experts think that SEO skills are not seen in isolation anymore, in fact, more as an add-on skill for building a career in Digital Marketing. That’s why; you could see the burgeoning of education centers (offline or online) that provide extensive coverage in this regard. Undoubtedly, learning SEO can help an aspirant to add more to his/her resume which will definitely translate to better career opportunities.  It won’t be wrong to say that SEO has become an integral part of marketing that works in tandem with other skillsets – content writing, business analytics, and website architecture to name a few.

Over to you:

If you are looking for SEO jobs, bear in mind that all you need is an ardent zeal and dedication to excel in this key area without prioritizing too much on your educational qualification. The future of Jobs in SEO is on the safe side as more and more people are using the internet in their daily lives.  In a business sense, SEO is an important tool of lead generation for acquiring new customers and that is the reason behind more and more companies going the organic way for their business needs. This shift is producing more SEO jobs in India than ever before.

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