Business Analyst Jobs: Career Scope and Skills Requirements

The business analyst world is significantly growing in today’s IT and other industries. There is the need for a business analyst, be it as an ambassador or a mediator or as a connector, in almost all businesses. There is a good demand for business analysts in the job market all across the globe. For professionals with IT experience and who want to have a prospective career in Singapore, this is a good option. There is a huge range of business analyst jobs in Singapore.


Business analyst job description:

There are different jobs roles in business analyst jobs in Singapore. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in business processes and operations
  • Design or improve business systems or IT systems
  • Interaction with the business stakeholders to understand their problems and requirements
  • Analyzes business needs and requirements
  • Solves business problems
  • Provide technical solutions and ensure proper implementation
  • Create system documentation and user manuals etc.

Business Analyst Jobs in Singapore

There are various functions of a business analyst. Jobs are available in different departments, like finances, operations, engineering, architecture or technology. Accordingly, you can apply for business analyst jobs in Singapore in various job roles like as follows:

  • Finance analysts
  • Operations analyst
  • Management Analysts
  • Systems analysts
  • Engineering analysts
  • IT business analysts and so on

In Singapore, you will find entry-level jobs in business analyst jobs as well as in high-profile senior management level. In MNCs and larger organizations, experienced professionals from other countries do have a great scope in business analyst jobs in Singapore. But, for local Singapore companies, irrespective of the industry domain, such jobs are usually filled in by the local qualified professionals. Entry level business analyst jobs in Singapore are quickly filled in by the fresh pass out students from prominent institutes like as National University Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU), etc. Certified business analyst professionals also have greater chances of growth in such jobs. One such prominent certification course is the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) offered by the globally recognized institute International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

Career scope for business analyst jobs in Singapore:

singapore city

For entry-level business analysts jobs in Singapore, there is the need for industry/domain experts or developers, and/or sometimes quality experts. So, candidates should be clear on what they want to opt for. You can also become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) depending on the field opted for. Later on, candidates can progress into higher management positions.

With a few years of experience in one particular industry domain, candidates are in a position to move into the next career level as a business analyst. They can be promoted to roles like a senior business analyst or lead business analyst. Later on, they can be assigned the designation as a product manager and they have to handle larger and/or more complex projects. With 10 to 12 years in various business analyst positions, there is the chance for the skilled candidate to be assigned the role of chief technology officer or else, he can set up his own business as a consultant. Through your expertise, talents, and desires, you can take this career path as a business analyst as far as you would like to.

Skills to do well in business analyst jobs in Singapore

Not only the basic educational qualification, but there are also other skills and requirements needed to do well in business analyst jobs in Singapore. These skills become all the more important for expats looking for a career in Singapore. The essential skills are as follows:

  • Extensive IT knowledge
  • Strong business analytical skills
  • Project management skills
  • Data analyzer
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Understand business objectives and goals
  • To be able to attend or conduct stakeholders meetings
  • Time management skills
  • Skills in redeveloping models
  • Presenting skills

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