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How to Find the 5 Best Job Vacancies in Gulf Countries

Are you the one looking for high paying job vacancies in Gulf? If yes, then you are at the right place! In this article, we will tell you about the top 7 job vacancies in Hospitality industry, that are paid well in gulf. Working in gulf can be a wonderful opportunity for potential candidates and if you are seeking to establish a career in hospitality industry then you are doing this the right way, as this industry can lead your career towards greater financial heights.

job vacancy in gulf countries

Gulf cities upholds the top standards of services in hospitality industry. It has one of the largest and distinguished hospitality services. The value of job vacancy in this industry can be measured by the level of hotel trade show that is organized in Dubai and sets a perfect stage for hospitality experts to meet, communicate and network.

Keeping this in mind, the top 5 jobs Vacancies in Hospitality industry of Gulf that one may opt for:

  • Executive Chef: This is a managerial job role, which involves a greater involvement in hospitality industry. The executive chef is responsible to supervise kitchen operations in hotels and restaurants. This is a specialized job role and requires a good tenure of work experience as cook or chef. This is one of the top job vacancies that are floated in Hospitality industry of Gulf. This is one of the highest paid profession in this Industry.
  • Hotel Asset Manager: This position is also known as chief revenue officer. In Hospitality industry, hostel asset manager has a great importance as this person knows the revenue potential of a brand and finds ways to maximize revenue.  To get this job a candidate must have the required skills, knowledge and experience.  This job role is away from the salary negotiations. A candidate who is talented and can prove to be an asset can get salary beyond bar. This again is a managerial job role and is more about making strategies and handling matrices.
  • Head of Housekeeping: Housekeeping is one of the most important departments and this job vacancy is rolled for potential candidate who has the ability to manage the look and feel of the hotel. If a candidate has relevant skills and work experience then he may apply for this job role. As a head of housekeeping one is responsible to manage, supervise housekeeping staff in hotel premises and train the new joiners as per their defined job roles. This job profile is one of the highly paid job in Hotel industry and requires candidates who have the best potential to create what people may relish.
  • Brand Specialist: Brand specialist is a person who looks after the major branding and advertising activities for the hotel or restaurant. This person deals with the publicity and promotion of the property. To qualify for this job vacancy, one should have the master’s degree from a superior institute into brand management or marketing communications. This is the best job role for those who enjoy marketing and want to work over top hospitality brands in the world in gulf.
  • Events Manager: This job role is must in hospitality industry. This professional is hired to create and manage events in the hotel such as conferences, meetings, weddings, recruitment drives for companies etc. This is one of the major job roles and one who enters this profession should have the great negotiation and persuasion skills along with the knowledge of event management and vendor management. This is more of an operations centric profile but here also a candidate needs to take care of profitability matrices and should have command on data related software such as excel. To pursue this job, one should have a good work experience and a degree or diploma in event management. 

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Visa Requirements for foreign Nationals:

  • Mandate for Employment Contract and Job Permit: Gulf cities have mandated policy for employment contract. Once a candidate is hired for a certain job role and a job vacancy is filled the employer has to provide a written document to candidate and apply for his work permit or contact.

let us discuss, the Right Ways of Finding Job Vacancies in Gulf: –

  • Networking: Gulf companies prefer hire through referrals. To sustain in gulf, it is important to build networks as, if potential employee applies for a job though a known professional, he is more likely to get it as employers in gulf prefer to hire trustworthy candidates.

  • Placement Agencies: Most candidates in gulf take the services of placement agencies, as this eases the selection and recruitment process and allows candidates to explore better job opportunities. These services are more helpful to find managerial job vacancies.

  • Online Search Portals: Recruiters of most prominent companies in gulf post lots of jobs vacancies on job portals and hence, this can be the one of the best ways to look out for job opportunity in gulf.

So, if you are the one looking for a great job vacancy in gulf then start your job hunt in the hospitality industry and follow these three ways to search for a wonderful opportunity.

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