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Top Reasons for Increasing Website Bounce Rate

Bounce rate means the ratio of website visitors leaving your site, bouncing back to Google or any other site after they view one page of your website. Then, based on the findings of the RocketFuel study, many websites experience a bounce rate of 26-70 percent.

here is tips about- reason behind increasing google bounce rate
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According to an article published on HuffPost, you should take the right steps to minimize bounce rates of your website and make people stay on your web pages for a long time. You need to provide your visitors with a rewarding user experience to reduce bounce rates for increased engagement, conversions, and purchase. Slow page load times, poor navigation, illegible font, or annoying pop-up ads lead to bounce rate. Yes, there is a host of reasons for the same. Read on to learn why your website’s bounce rate is high.

what is bounce rate

Slow page load occur bounce rate

Web page load speed is part of Google’s ranking system, and therefore, you need to do your SEO perfectly to overcome the challenge. The search engines like to promote your content that offers a pleasing experience for the visitors. In addition, a sluggish website fails to achieve that purpose and leads to poor user experience. You want to check your page speed test? You can go through Google’s page speed insight tool.

how to use page speed insight tool

When your website takes several seconds to load, online visitors will get bored and leave. Remember that the internet audience has a very limited attention span. Resolving website load speed is more of a long journey for many SEO experts or webmasters. Then, the positive thing about it is that with every significant and appropriate fix, you will witness an incremental improvement in web page load speed.

You can analyze your web page speed with tools like Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insights, and GTMetrix. These tools will suggest tips precise to your website including minimizing third-party scripts, compressing photos, and making the most out of browser caching.

Lack of relevant or quality content

In a couple of cases, the visitor will get the whole lot they were searching for from a web page on any website, but not the definite or precise information. It becomes difficult for the users to filter the relevant from chunks of text. This way, you might have realized the content marketer’s dream, information that users consume for a couple of minutes once.

You may have a landing page that requires your targeted audience to fill out a lead form. To figure out whether the bounce rate is a concern or not, you will need to focus on the time spent on that landing page as well as average-session duration metrics in Google Analytics.

Top Reasons for Increasing Website Bounce Rate

If your visitors are spending a few minutes more on your page, it conveys a positive signal to the search engines. It signifies that your page content is extremely relevant to the visitors’ search queries. If you would like to rank for a specific keyword (KW), such a user intent is as precious as gold. If spend time is less than 60 seconds on a web page that is optimized with a CTA hit button, try engaging the readers to go through a few of your relevant blogs after they fill out the form. If you would like to learn more about SEO, page load speed, etc, you can visit platforms such as or similar ones.

Confusing Meta title and description

You need to question your SEO tactics sometimes. The web page content precisely recapitulated with your Meta title and description or not? If the answer is no, your visitors might land on your home page thinking that you sell smartphones but later find out that you sell cooking appliances. In such a situation, they bounce back to Google or some relevant websites with information about smartphones.

what is title and meta description

It could be an unintentional error or you tried to trick Google and the visitors through optimizing what is called keyword clickbait. Avoid such techniques at all costs. However, you can fix this problem quite easily. You will need to create fresh content and include relevant Meta titles and descriptions. This way, your visitors will stay on your website and consume the information they want. The bounce-back rate will reduce. Try this strategy and it will work to your benefit when it comes to minimizing the website bounce rate. You’ll be surprised by the results.

A poor quality link from a different website

It is likely you might be doing all things just right on your end to attain a standard or low bounce rate from Google search results, and yet experience a high bounce rate from your recommendation traffic. The said website might be sending poor quality traffic, visitors, or the context and anchor text for the said link might be deceptive.

high bounce rate effect in seo

Every so often, it is an outcome of poor copywriting. The copywriter or the publisher linked your website in the erroneous piece of the content or did not mean to connect to your website in any way. There is a solution to this problem. You can reach out to the article author, next to the editor, or for that matter the webmaster if the writer does not have the right to update something post-publish.

Request them politely to delete the link to your website or update with relevant content, whatever makes sense to you.  

Regrettably, the referral website might be attempting to incapacitate you with a couple of poor SEO techniques, out of malice or unintentionally or lack of knowledge. For instance, they might have linked to your detailed guide to pet care, however, with an anchor text of “Tips to get business loans”.

You must still communicate and graciously request them to get rid of the link, but if required, you’ll like to revise your disavow file in Search Console.

Rejecting the link will not trim down your bounce rate; however, it will inform Google not to consider that the website’s link into account as far as assessing the superiority and importance of your website is concerned.


Top Reasons for Increasing Website Bounce Rate

Now that you know about the bounce rate causes, you can take the right steps to reduce them. It will attract quality traffic to your website and ensure visitors stay on your site for some time and not bounce back to Google or some other website.

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