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Jobs In Jammu: Huge Opportunity After Removed Article 370

After the scrapping of Article 370 in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, things are moving for a positive scenario in the state, now a union territory. PM Modi just recently announced that about 50,000 jobs will be created in Jammu in the next 6 months. The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill 2019 has been passed on 7th August, 2019, and this will come into effect on 31st Oct, 2019.

This is a very big development in the state with the prospect of creating jobs in Jammu and other relevant opportunities for the people. It has been seen that over the years, especially in the last 2 years, not much of recruitment has been done in the government sector. There has been no relevant creation of jobs in Jammu, Kashmir or Srinagar and other areas. No recruitment drive has been carried out by the government in recent time and unemployment is growing. So for the citizens of J&K, the big question is whether the J&K Reorganization Bill 2019 will create jobs or not?

Creation of Jobs in Jammu for unemployed youth

PM Modi, soon after the passing of Jammu and Kashmir, Reorganization Bill, addressed the nation where he specially mentioned how the bill will help the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that with the implementation of the bill, there will be more creation of jobs in Jammu in both Central as well as State Government Jobs. Hiring is expected to start from this month onwards and more and more job opportunities will be created in the next 6 months.

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While there is a speculation of the closing down of various organizations and recruitment agencies with the passing of the bill, the good News is that the Jammu and Kashmir Service Selection Board (JKSSB) and J&K Public Service Commission (JKPSC) will continue its operations as earlier. In other words, for gazetted jobs in Jammu, the recruitment agency will continue to be JKPSC and for non-gazetted jobs in Jammu, the recruitment agency will continue to be JKSSB.  So, candidates preparing for JKSSB Exams and JKPSC Exams for jobs in Jammu, Srinagar or Kashmir should continue preparing for it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also mentioned that all the vacant posts and jobs in the State and Central Government Departments will be filled soon, making way for the youths to be employed soon. As per a news report, in 2-years, time, almost 50,000 new jobs in Jammu and the entire union territory will be created.

  • 15000 Government Jobs in State and Central Government Departments
  • 25000 Jobs in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) , Corporations and Private companies
  • 10,000 other jobs

Prospective Jobs in Jammu

It has been reported that a major recruitment drive will be carried out and there will be more efforts in developing the food processing and dairy industries. The revival of the tourism industry is also in the agenda, thereby creating jobs in Jammu in the tourism sector. Also, there will be recruitment drives for the youths to join in the paramilitary forces. So, prospective jobs in Jammu will also be available in the armed forces. A fast-paced development in the union territory is expected so as to help the youths to develop skills to get good jobs in Jammu.

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There are plans of creating a community to provide skill training to the local youths so that they become skillful to get jobs. The committee will comprise members from industry, academics and corporate entities. Career counseling centers will open up, job melas and fairs will also be organized from time-to-time to help the youths to find the right jobs in Jammu.

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