A simple Guide to protect Kids from Cyberbullying

The internet era has added a lot of advantages for individuals. It has managed to spring up a different world that can alter any task and lead towards productivity. Along with several benefits, the internet also has its own drawbacks that many people fear. One of these is cyberbullying which has led to various issues for people including kids. The worst thing about it is that parents have no idea about what the kid might be going through and hence delay in hiring a cyberbullying lawyer.

What is Cyberbullying?

The online technology, many-a-times, hurts kids to a greater extent including embarrassing and harassing them. Additionally, it is intentionally done by other kids or even adults with unflattering photos and cruel messages. The technology allows people to send anything with a single click that can be a cruel text for someone else. From posting hurtful things on social media to short videos, creating fake profiles to spreading gossip, there are several things that can be called cyberbullying.

Attention Issues with Kids

Anyone can be a victim of cyberbullying that forces them to knock at the door lawsuits that can give them an idea of Cyberbullying Laws and how to protect themselves. However, the kids that face several challenges in learning or attention are the main target. The different treatment that they receive from teachers and parents often leads to other kids feeling not-so-special. There can be issues like social and academic challenges that bring jealousy as a factor.

It is not just the offending messages that are termed as cyberbullying. But messaging a special kid that has difficulty in reading will make him/her feel a bit humiliated because he/she is not able to read. The struggle is another factor that demotivates kids and hampers their little confidence. Another thing is the social skills of a kid. They usually misinterpret a text and don’t understand its context. This makes them react badly due to ADHD or impulsivity issues.

However, this doesn’t mean that learning and attention will make them the victim. Many times they are the real culprit and end up bullying other kids.

Tips to Stop Cyberbullying as a Parent

The help of a cyberbullying lawyer comes later when things go out of hand. It is essential to take a few steps with no law rules. It starts with parents’ control over technology and gadgets.

Tracking activities on the computer – The best thing to do is to check the phones or computer that your kid uses. It helps in knowing what they are posting on social media sites or whom they are messaging. There is no need to meddle with their privacy by prying into their phones or computer. Simply ask and check if your kid is safe or not, or other kids are harassed by him/her.

Trust – Be honest with your kids and make sure that they trust you. The best thing is to explain the reasons behind an action, setting a time limit, discussing rules rather than forcing them to follow. This will instill a sense of responsibility in your kid and help him/her know more about online harassment and bullying.

Don’t blame a kid – It is best to be understanding and supportive if your kid is cyberbullied. You must know the time period that he/she has faced and how to keep it away for any future harm. Make sure to explain to your kid that it is not his/her fault so that he/she can rely on you for any similar circumstances in the future. Also, let them know how wrong it is, so they won’t be the culprit for someone else.

Avoid threatening – Threatening kids to keep their gadgets away when it comes to studying is a different matter. But when it comes to cyberbullying and your kid is a victim then don’t go for this route. Let them use it with a better understanding of cybercrime and bullying. It is best to not overreact since it often makes kids secretive.

Not Shrug it off matter – Cyberbullying is a serious crime and it is best to not simply shrug it off. If a kid is relying on and trusting you to help him/her out of such a situation, be patient and listen. Bullying can have a huge effect emotionally on a kid that can cause long-lasting trauma. Hence, don’t tease or shrug things out as an adult.

If the matters are out of hand then the best thing to do is to get law enforcement involved. A cyberbullying lawyer can help a parent in such a situation and explain the course of action to them. In addition to this, if cyberbullying aggravates physical violence as well, then it is best to take actions before things escalate any further.

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