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Travel Agent Jobs in India: Role, Types, Skills, Salary Package

It has been reported that the travel and tourism industry will be able to create around 46 million job opportunities by 2025 in India. So, this sector is one of the most prominent and upcoming sectors for prospective job opportunities. One of the most popular jobs in this sector is that of travel agent jobs. Let’s know more about the job prospects of travel agent jobs in India.

What is the role of a travel agent job in India

Travel agent jobs in India are kind of sales job, in which the candidate has to help individuals or groups of individuals to plan and book travel for various purposes. A person can travel for variety of purposes like as Pleasure & Recreation, Tourism, Health & Medical, Business, Official, Educational and Spiritual. You can either travel alone or in group depending on the purpose. For different travel plans, there are different ways, modes, and places of travelling. It is here the role of a travel agent comes in. Travel Agents help design trips as per requirements, which may include single or multiple destinations, sightseeing plans, transportation modes, and so on.

Travel agent jobs in India involve tasks such as follows:

  • Booking travel plans
  • Suggesting travel destinations and plans
  • Booking tickets for transport
  • Booking accommodation in hotels/resorts as per requirement
  • Preparing travel itinerary
  • Influencing customers to book a travel package
  • Providing support for customer requests
  • Verifying travel documents

What skills are required in Travel agent jobs?

  • Communication skills
  • Convincing power to influence customers to book travel packages
  • Aptitude for customer service
  • Computer knowledge
  • General travel knowledge
  • Sales aptitude
  • Organizational skills

Travel agent popular job roles and payscale

When recruited by a travel agent company, the travel agent job roles are usually under the following specializations: 

  • Travel Planning
  • Travel Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Ticketing
  • Sales

In India, Travel Planning in travel agent jobs are highly sought-after and the candidates are paid more than the average. However, sales, travel administration, customer service are considered not much of skill-oriented, and hence usually paid less than the market rate.

According to, Travel Agent jobs in India are given a salary package of Rs 300,061/annum. This is the mid-level salary package of 5-10 years of experience. At entry-level, the package is around Rs. 180,467/annum. Experienced people in travel agent jobs get a salary package of 5 lakh per annum.

Thus, it is seen that with experience and skills, there are few in travel agent jobs that set up their own travel agent company as their own business where the salary is commission-based, and most of them really do well if they have a good network.

Types of Travel Agents in India:

In India, you can get Travel agent jobs in Travel agencies, in hotels and resorts for their official travel arrangements for customers, with Corporates and Businesses. So, basically, there are 2 types of travel agents:

  • Leisure travel agent jobs: You need to sell vacation/holiday packages to individual customers or groups of customers as per their requirement, which take into consideration customers’ interests and budget. Leisure travel can be for fun, holidays, family outings, adventure, spiritual and so on.
  • Corporate travel agent jobs: These travel agent jobs are involved in making travel arrangements for businesses or official purposes. They book travel tickets and accommodations for a company’s employees who are traveling for official works.

How to join in Travel Agent Jobs in India?

To get into travel agent jobs, minimum education requirement is a graduation degree from a recognized institute. It is advisable to do a short-term diploma or certification course in Tourism while doing your regular graduation course. Distance learning programs in Tourism and Travel management can also be taken up. Some candidates prefer to take up complete graduation/post-graduation courses, with specialization in Tourism Studies.

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