Things to Know Before Applying for Air Hostess Jobs

Air hostess is one of the most looked-for professions in India desired by lots of young aspirants in India.  Besides earning handsomely, you get ample opportunities to travel all over the world. An entire world of glamour awaits you as you not only get a chance to meet celebrities but also make a name for yourself in the aviation industry. Air hostess jobs may look so easy but there is so much that goes into building a successful career, so ardent devotion and preparation in advance are needed the most. There are too many responsibilities and it’s not a child’s play.

how to make career as an air hostess

An air hostess knows how to put on a happy face despite what all emotions underlie; moreover, she leaves no stones unturned in making air journey comfortable for the passengers. She ensures the safety of passengers and guides them throughout the journey. At times, the situation becomes challenging when difficult passengers find it hard to settle calmly in their seats. Moreover, she has to perform various roles like coordinating with security staff, helping passengers settle on their seats and much more. Similar to air hostess jobs, there are also jobs of similar nature for men, known as ‘Stewards’. In terms of promotional hierarchy, air hostess would then be promoted as a senior flight attendant and head attendant afterward.

Even though this ritzy career has an average career span of eight-ten years, an air hostess can join ground duties after she crosses the job limit and work either as an air hostess trainer, ground hostess or take up managerial jobs. It goes without saying a candidate with a pleasing personality can make it big in this sector. Now, when it comes to describing the eligibility criteria being asked for in air hostess jobs, the points listed below are worth considering:

Educational qualification for taking up air hostess course

air hostess course: qualification

the applicant should have at least completed their senior secondary education. However, if the candidate wants to pursue PG level courses, then she should have at least completed her graduation. Although there is no dearth of specialized institutions for this career, it is advisable to at least complete your 10+2 before considering these courses. Having multilingual proficiency is an add-on skill that always comes in handy.

Relationship status-

eligibility for air hostess- age, height, education

usually, academies take age limit into consideration and as per their mentioned age limit, 17-26 years old candidates are eligible for admission in these courses. Some institutions also allow admission of married women depending upon the policies. Here we have added all the physical standards listed by various institutes


career in air hostess- all informations

it should be at least 5.2” or 157 cm and the weight and height should be in the balanced proportion. Most sought-after attributes such as attractive physique and physical fitness are highly valued in this profession.

Medical parameters-

medical for air hostess jobs in india

 those candidates with a past medical history are not deemed eligible for the job whereas 6/9 is the eyesight requirement. Some airlines may also give relaxation in selection criteria, but overall you should not be suffering from major diseases. That’s the long and short of it. We have mentioned above the eligibility criteria for taking up air hostess jobs in India. The rest depends on your interpersonal skills and aptitude to excel in this profession.

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